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Why choose the Lower Piedmont

In an area like the lower Piedmont, it is easy to find the perfect conditions for every need.

From the rusticity of a ciabot (little wooden house) nestled in a vineyard or forest, to the elegant charm of castles that tell time.

Every corner of the territory seems to be able to be shaped to the needs of those who live there.

This is because of its great wealth: the food, wine and wine that encapsulate that oxymoronic combination of poverty and wealth, humility and elegance, simplicity and complexity.

Simplicity & Wealth

The products of the earth tell of its simplicity, but when known and accompanied in growth by passion, wisdom, mastery and art, they become treasure chests filled with riches.

Not lavish and never excessive, but exclusive, unique and unrepeatable–for this reason priceless and priceless.

A comprehensive experience

Choosing the lower Piedmont as your team-building destination gives you the opportunity for a complete experience.

Thanks to the variety of this territory, and our deep knowledge of it, you can find the ideal destination to intertwine different needs and experience exclusive and highly personalized solutions.

Team building

The experience becomes exclusive because it is unique: tailored to your business

We can follow every aspect of the event, from technical and logistical organization to enhancing the corporate image.

From small meetings to articulated team building, we are committed to understanding your company’s specific needs and providing an organization that fully reflects the spirit and mission of your business.

The service is “tailor-made” for the client, with emphasis on customization.

Our team’s ability lies in thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and then transferring their value into aone-of-a-kind and unrepeatable experience .

In organizing business meetings , we are concerned with facilitating meetings between insiders working in the same business sector. We take care of all aspects: from choosing the location, arrangements, logistics, catering, etc.

Our cooperation with training agencies enables us to ensure the provision of certificates, specific qualifications and the implementation of pathways dedicated to achieving goals related to teamwork and business dynamics.

Allestimenti dedicati
Allestimenti dedicati

Ricerca dei dettagli e professionalità dei servizi

Mani in pasta

Per imparare a cucinare i piatti tradizionali grazie a momenti ludico formativi di gruppo

Incentive travel

Custom-built trips to motivate and reward your employees

The indispensable element of our events is the integration with the territory and its products in a pleasant alternation between awareness of the territory and products, nature and work sessions.

We also plan incentive travel: trips built with the goal of motivating and rewarding participants, stimulating them to improve ‘performance’ inherent in the company’s goals. We propose specific activities capable of conveying the company’s values: increasing collaboration, raising the level of trust in peers, motivating the work group and creating cohesion and integration.

Una fitta rete di collaborazioni

Per offrire ai vostri ospiti attività sempre diverse.

Location uniche

Vi aiutiamo a selezionare i servizi più adatti alle vostre esigenze


The purpose of team building activities

If done correctly, activities to increase the sense of belonging have both short-term and long-term results and have the following objectives:

  • facilitate communication

People, who have learned to know each other, handle moments of sharing and have topics of conversation and a common language, will be more facilitated in communication thus making it more effective and faster.

  • stimulate creativity

when the work group knows they are in a peaceful environment, they have no problems with concentration and with a clear mind they are able to make 100 percent use of creative potential.

  • bring out leadership

The working group, after rehearsing through dynamic experiences of ”teamwork,” accepts and indeed prefers the emergence of a leader because it recognizes in him or her one of the possibilities of achieving the goal and completing the task to the best of one’s ability, to win in short.

  • Educating on delegation and working by objectives

this element is also critical to ”winning” a challenge; the working group has had evidence of this during the team-building experience and is therefore more ready to accept the division of labor to achieve a common good.

  • Developing empathy and listening

group members are likely to cooperate, and funny or comical moments may be exploited by leaders to relieve tension or mediate moments of difficulty and stress.

  • Convey corporate vision, mission and values

if you are more likely to communicate with the same kind of language, it will consequently become easier to convey a concept being sure that it reaches everyone with the right meaning.

  • Assess potential and aptitude

the working group is aware that the goal to be achieved will bring of the common good, because of this it makes its best efforts by demonstrating its actual potential.

  • Bringing management and operations staff closer together

All staff, after a team-building activity are more aware of the importance of each person to achieve results, comporto management during the experience can demonstrate and emphasize this, so as to get closer to the staff and make the group even firmer, more united and ready to face any challenge.


Studio dell’identità e della comunicazione brandizzata

We can include in the proposal:

  • Dedicated gastronomic choices, from meals to tastings
  • Separate arrival and check-in management
  • Entertainment management and escort services
  • Dedicated transfer and concierge service
Degustazioni bendate
Degustazioni bendate

Attività particolari per gli ospiti accompagnatori

The stages of the work

During the design of a corporate event, interaction between operator and customer is crucial

It is very important for the company to express its needs starting with the idea it has for its event, both from an experiential point of view and to understand what is the fundamental reason for you to organize one.

Understanding the goal to be achieved and the end result to be achieved is the most exciting, but also the most difficult, aspect of our work.

Our task is to “know how to read between the lines” of the needs you have expressed, which often, because of the way you communicate them, can hide the unconscious details of what you would really like, but of which you do not yet know the possibility.

A “key” to unlock your needs

Here, we give you the “keys” to hatching the ultimate goal of your event, and through our expertise and experience we are able to provide you with the right tools for implementation, even when starting from a very abstract, perhaps confused and sketchy thought.

Precisely because the event is unique, you cannot go wrong: the responsibility is very high, but balanced by the pride of being able to work on it to the best of your ability, and the satisfaction of seeing people’s smiles after a successful event.


The event is unique in the time and occasion celebrated, but also by the exclusive features that characterize it.

Finding and implementing these features to the best of our ability is crucial for us, and we are aware of the care that needs to be taken at each step.

When we understood the idea and gave it an initial shape by proposing different possibilities, we find in your initial feedback the way to come even closer to your expectations, and thus create a suitable format modeled on your requirements.

When this first draft is approved, we will move on to focus on the actual implementation and organization phase.

The end result is the interpretation of a script with a healthy dash of improvisation to make the show unforgettable ;-)


  • 1

    Step #1 - Identity Analysis

    Detailed analysis of business goals and needs.

  • 2

    Step #2 - It's authentic and unique

    Creation of a dedicated custom proposal.

  • 3

    Step #3 - Comparison

    Revised and updated proposal based on comments.

  • 4

    Step #4 - Realization

    Defining operational details and branded materials.

Among our clients:

Albertengo Panettoni spa – Iren – Banca Sella Personal credit division – Allianz spa – Unicredit Cral Torino – Insight Technology Solutions srl – Pera Madernassa Consortium – WinExperience Business Association – Enoteca Regionale di Ovada e del Monferrato – ORS srl – Green Has Italia spa – Confagricoltura Cuneo e Torino – Bios Management Srl (BeYBe) – Compass Group Denmark – Central European Bank – Mùses (European Academy of Essences)

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