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Our services come from the experience of those born, raised and living in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas.

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We have prepared a number of proposals for you with the aim of introducing, narrating and enhancing the value of our territory starting with suppliers selected on the basis of careful criteria.

For us, tourism means first and foremost passion for our work and commitment to those who decide to rely on our hands.

We take care of tailoring the vacation for you, start from your needs and build step by step the experience from which you will get the maximum satisfaction.

We offer many customizable travel ideas dedicated to young and old, families and businesses. What they have in common are professionalism on the one hand and attention to detail on the other.

We approach the corporate world with proposals that are targeted and attentive to each company ‘s objectives, with the assurance of the added value provided by a group that is motivated on both fronts.

In addition to organizing business meetings, incentive travel, team building and corporate events, we take care, supported by professionals, of providing consulting in tourism, both for companies – where hosting is one of the main activities – and for those who have made incoming the added value to their main business.

Organization of customized tours

A journey of discovery

Build your 100% personalized trip with us, choose your itinerary in the UNESCO World Heritage lands of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato and together we will compose your journey day by day enriching it with special moments.

A service dedicated to all those who are looking for aunique experience, whether it is an entire vacation or a single activity for small and large groups, couples, families, school groups, and those who like to travel alone.

The experience in the field, of those who, like us, live on the ground, has enabled us to select among our suppliers genuine realities capable of telling the story of the territory in which they were born, grew up and live every day.

A service also suitable for agencies or associations that need an experienced staff member who is always up-to-date on the types of services available in the area and ready to provide confidential and professional terms.

Express your wishes, what you would like to do and see, and we would propose activities tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy your vacation and go home with a unique experience to tell about! Request your personalized tour here

For individuals

Who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience without the headaches of "do-it-yourself" organization.

For agencies

That they need a reliable partner on the ground.

Business & Travel Incentive

We help you convey your company's values through unforgettable experiences

We propose specific activities capable of conveying the company’s values: increasing collaboration, raising the level of trust in peers, motivating the work group and creating cohesion and integration.

Our cooperation with training agencies enables us to ensure the provision of certificates, specific qualifications and the implementation of pathways dedicated to achieving goals related to teamwork and business dynamics.

In organizing business meetings, we are concerned with facilitating meetings between insiders working in the same business sector. We take care of all aspects: from choosing the location, arrangements, logistics, catering, etc.

We plan incentive travel i.e., tourist trips with the goal of motivating and rewarding participating employees to grow the ‘performance’ inherent in the organization’s own goals.

We organize corporate events aimed at presenting and promoting a new product or project by creating exclusive formats closely related to corporate identity.

The indispensable element of our events is theintegration with the territory and its products in a pleasant alternation of nature and work sessions.

For companies

Who are looking for a qualified partner to whom they can entrust the organization of award trips, professional meetings and incentive travel.

Incoming for companies

From importer to influencer, we organize the reception for your guests

The promotion activities of Consortia, Associations, Communication Agencies and producers in the wine sector include incoming actions to the territory of Italian and foreign importers, journalists, bloggers and influencers.

The management of the business must be taken care of in its complexity in all its individual components. For this reason, it is essential to refer to professionals who can gather the needs of all stakeholders and create an effective and comprehensive proposal.

We can boast of a qualified team with many years of experience in the wine industry, capable of gathering the needs of all stakeholders and transforming them into a unique and memorable experience for those who will live it.

We take care of planning and managing all incoming, from airport arrival to departure, or offer individual services designed according to a specific target audience (visits, transfers, booking and management of services, booking and management of overnight stays, organization of private events and exclusive experiences).

A professional service

For those companies that want to have that "extra cue" to offer their special guests.

Structuring reception proposals

For area businesses that want to offer the most to their guests

Are you an accommodation, restaurant or winery operating in the tourism sector and want to structure your hospitality proposal?

By turning to us you would receive targeted advice. We are in charge of structuring tourism proposals together with you and enhancing them by identifying the greatest asset of each company: being unique.

Within the broad tourism proposal, it is essential to differentiate oneself by offering the customer a unique and unrepeatable proposal that emphasizes the authenticity of the service provided.

Alongside the elements of uniqueness and authenticity, we place aspects that are the result of a careful marketing analysis focused on target markets and economics oriented to a turnover analysis.

We provide training for reception staff.

Your loyalty card

The “X Te” (For You) Award

We created a Fidelity Card dedicated to YOU, who decided to contact us, get to know us and together design a unique experience, step by step.

X Te
The moment you purchase a particular experience with us, you will receive your Fidelity Card.
The card can be used as a real key to open the door to new services.

To Reward You
You will get freebies and discounts on certain purchases.

Either during your experience, or here with us:
in Alba, in our office at Via A. Manzoni no. 4 .



LoveLanghe Tour Srl
20 Castle Street
12050 Albaretto della Torre (CN)
VAT NUMBER 03796440042


The Fidelity Card provides access to a list of benefits, discounts and dedicated initiatives.
Each card is identified by a sequential number.
The recipient is entitled to only one Card, which may not be transferred to third parties or used for commercial purposes.


The Fidelity Card is exclusive to customers of LoveLanghe Tour Srl.


Our loyalty card can be obtained in the following ways:

  • With any purchase over €500
  • Participating in at least 3 LoveLanghe Tour or Winemoretime branded events/courses.
  • Bringing a friend to choose and purchase one of our services
  • It will be our gift to you if you choose one of our experiences to celebrate your birthday.


Through this card you will be able to access dedicated services, such as:

  • 15% discount on the purchase of tour packages of at least 4 days *
  • A welcome drink for each package, of at least 2 nights *
  • Additional consumption during Winemoretime 2022 events.
  • 10% discount and welcome drink to be picked up at the Turin Outlet Village info point.


The point collection will start on June 22, 2021 and end on June 22, 2023.

1 point for every €50 spent
For every 10 points, you will be entitled to a glass of wine, to be sipped at the Albaretto Tower, experiencing a panoramic tasting.
For every 20 points, you will be entitled to a tasting lunch or dinner in dedicated settings within local realities.

*Valid until 12/31/2022
**Points collection resets to zero at the time of service delivery.
***Points from multiple cards cannot be combined with each other.

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