For individuals, companies and operators


Our services are the result of the experience of those born, raised and living in the areas of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

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We have prepared some proposals for you with the aim of making our territory known, narrated and valued starting from suppliers selected on the basis of attentive criteria.

For us, tourism means first of all passion for our work and commitment to those who decide to rely on us.

We take care of organizing a holiday that is tailored for you, by starting with your needs and building step by step the experience from which you can get maximum satisfaction.

We offer many customizable travel ideas dedicated to children and adults, families and companies. What connects them is professionalism on one hand and attention to detail on the other.

We interact with companies through targeted proposals that pay attention to the objectives of each of them, with the certainty of the added value given by a motivated group on both fronts.

In addition to organizing business meetings, incentive travel, team building and corporate events, we take care, supported by professionals, of providing consultancy in the tourism field, both for companies – in which reception is one of the main activities – and for those who have made of incoming the added value to their main business.

Customized Tour Organization

A journey to discover the territory

Build with us your 100% personalized journey, choose your itinerary in the UNESCO World Heritage lands of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato and together we will develop your trip day after day enriching it with special moments.

A service dedicated to all those who are looking for a unique experience, whether it is an entire vacation or a single activity for small and large groups, couples, families, schools and for those who love to travel alone.

The fieldwork of those like us who live on site has allowed us to select among our suppliers genuine realities capable of telling the territory in which they were born, raised and where they live every day.

A service also suitable for agencies or associations that need an experienced collaborator, always up to date on the types of services available in the area and ready to provide reserved and professional conditions.

Request your personalized tour. Express your wishes, what you would like to do and see and we will offer you customized activities based on your specific needs.

Enjoy your vacation and go home with a unique experience to tell!

For privates

Who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience, without the headaches of the "DIY" planning.

For agencies

Who need a reliable partner in the area.

Business & Travel Incentive

We help you to convey the values of your company through unforgettable experiences

We propose specific activities capable of conveying corporate values: increasing collaboration, increasing the level of trust in the partners, motivating the work group and creating cohesion and integration.

Our collaboration with training agencies allows us to guarantee the supply of certificates, specific qualifications and the creation of courses dedicated to achieving goals relating to teamwork and company dynamics.

In the organization of the business meetings we take care of favoring the meeting between workers in the same sector of activity. We take care of all aspects: from the choice of the location, to the preparations, to the logistics, to the catering, etc.

We plan incentive travel or tourism trips with the aim of motivating and rewarding the participating employees to increase the ‘performance’ inherent to the objectives of the organization itself.

Team building and team working activities can:

  • facilitate communication
  • stimulate creativity
  • bring out leadership
  • educate to delegate and work by objectives
  • develop empathy and listening
  • convey vision, mission and corporate values
  • assess potential and attitudes
  • build interaction between management and operating personnel

We organize corporate events aimed at presenting and promoting a new product or project by creating exclusive formats that are closely linked to the corporate identity.

The essential element of our events is the integration with the territory and its products in a pleasant alternation of nature and work sessions.

For companies

Which are looking after a qualified partner to help them build  professional meetings and travel incentives.

Incoming for businesses

From the importer to the influencer, we organize the reception for your guests

The promotion activity of Consortia, Associations, Communication Agencies and producers in the wine sector provides for incoming actions on the territory of Italian and foreign importers, journalists, bloggers and influencers.

The management of the activity must be treated in its complexity in all its individual components. For this reason it is essential to refer to professionals who know how to meet the needs of all the actors and create an effective and complete proposal.

We can boast a qualified team, with many years of experience in the wine sector, able to meet the needs of all the actors and transform them into a unique and memorable experience for those who live it.

We take care of planning and managing all the incoming, from the arrival at the airport to the departure, or offer individual services designed according to a specific target (visits, transfers, booking and management of services, booking and management of overnight stays, organization of private events and exclusive experiences).

A professional service

For those companies that want to have an "extra idea" to offer to their special guests.


For local companies that want to offer the best to their guests

Are you an accommodation facility, a restaurant or a winery operating in the tourism sector and you want to structure your accommodation offer? By contacting us, you’ll receive targeted advice.

We take care of developing the tourism proposals with you and enhancing them by identifying the greatest asset of each company: being unique.

Within the broad tourism proposal it is essential to differentiate yourself by offering the customer a unique and unrepeatable experience that underlines the authenticity of the service provided.

Together with the elements of uniqueness and authenticity we support aspects that are the result of a careful marketing analysis focused on target markets and economic oriented to a turnover analysis.

We provide the opportunity to train the reception staff.