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Do you want to plan a birthday, ceremony, or special event for you and your friends, or for a loved one? Choose Langhe and Roero and get help from local experts!

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The real specificity, the element that characterizes an event, is the limited duration. In fact, even if repeated over time, it never has the same characteristics and is therefore unique.

Events are events, whether planned or unplanned, that have a defined duration and arise with a specific purpose. An event is a unique experience, organized with a dedicated purpose.

Why choose the Langhe

In an area like Langhe and Roero, it is easy to find the perfect conditions for every need.

From the rusticity of ciabot (wooden cottages) nestled in a vineyard or forest, to the elegant charm of castles that tell time.

Every corner of the territory seems to be able to be shaped to the needs of those who live there.

This is because of its great richness: food and wine, which encapsulate that oxymoronic combination of poverty and wealth, humility and elegance, simplicity and complexity.

Simplicity & Wealth

The products of the earth tell of its simplicity, but when known and accompanied in growth by passion, wisdom, mastery and art, they become treasure chests filled with riches.

Not lavish and never excessive, but exclusive, unique and unrepeatable–for this reason priceless and priceless.

A comprehensive experience

Choosing the Langhe and Roero as a destination for your private event gives you the opportunity to have a complete experience.

Thanks to the variety of this territory, and our deep knowledge of it, you can find the ideal destination to intertwine different needs and experience exclusive and highly personalized solutions.


Make the birthday boy feel comfortable, so that he can enjoy an unforgettable and carefree moment

For a perfect birthday party, it is important to know the tastes of the birthday boy or girl, to propose an experience that will put him or her at ease and give him or her a chance to enjoy the moment without thinking about anything.

A treasure hunt in the woods where each stage corresponds to a phase of his life until he arrives at the treasure that corresponds in some way to his age.

Or a tasting tour of his favorite product declined in various forms, followed by a photographer who captures the scenes and captures the spirit.

Or even “hands in dough” workshops in which to create products that will remain symbolic of that day not to be forgotten… the possibilities are endless, the limit is only your (and our) imagination!

Incontra i produttori

E scopri il loro lavoro


Intimacy, exclusivity and romance: the perfect weapons for an unforgettable anniversary

On the other hand, if you want to celebrate an anniversary or surprise in a romantic way, exclusivity and intimacy are the weapons to play.

You can do it in a simple or more elegant way depending on the person you want to surprise, but always giving the feeling that you have, in his or her name, the keys to a door that hides a secret world, accessible only for that single occasion, by way of exception.

An aperitif at the top of a medieval tower opened for the occasion, dinner in a secret room of a castle or in the underground tunnels of a wine cellar can be experiences suited to the occasion, always with personalization of details: from colors, to music, to surprises and twists.

At the same time, a picnic in a special scenic spot or a chef cooking for the occasion nestled in a vineyard can be suitable ideas to meet expectations and impress those who love simplicity.

I paesaggi misteriosi delle Langhe
I paesaggi misteriosi delle Langhe

Spesso nascondono gioielli segreti ed esclusivi da scoprire

Bachelorette Party / Bachelor Party

Only an event where the whole group remains satisfied can be considered "successful"

When you want to celebrate a bride-to-be or groom-to-be together for an unforgettable bachelorette or bachelor party, then it is the tastes of the person who will put the ring on your finger that must take center stage.

As the number of people increases, so do the needs to be taken into consideration, but it is important to meet them all so that the serenity of the event is felt by all, leaving room for shared enjoyment.

Only if everyone is well can the event be called successful, and this is important to never forget.

Such an event where satisfy the sweet tooth in the form of play with customized trials, perhaps e-bike or vespa rides to enjoy the scenery.

A weekend of relaxation among girlfriends, with moments to share memories and create new ones, where a small cocktail or cooking class can be the concrete creation of a moment that will be cherished forever.

Eventi a Barolo e nelle Langhe
Eventi privati nelle Langhe

Per scoprire il territorio divertendosi

The stages of the work

During the design of a private event, the interaction between operator and client is crucial

It is very important that you articulate his needs starting with the idea you have for your event, both from an experiential point of view and in order to understand what is the fundamental reason for you to organize one.

Knowing the image you envision for your magical event and trying to make it real and concrete is the most exciting, but also the most difficult, aspect of our work.

Our task is to “know how to read between the lines” of the needs you have expressed, which often, because of the way you have communicated them and the tone and timing with which you have told them, can hiding unconscious details Of what you really want, but don’t yet know the possibility of.

A “key” to unlock your dreams

Here, we give you the “keys” to unlock your most hidden desires, and through our expertise and experience we are able to provide you with the right tools for implementation, even when starting from a very abstract, perhaps confused and sketchy thought.

Precisely because the event is unique, you cannot go wrong: the responsibility is very high, but balanced by the pride of being able to work on it to the best of your ability, and the satisfaction of seeing people’s smiles after a successful event.


The event is unique in the time and occasion celebrated, but also by the exclusive features that characterize it.

Finding and implementing these features to the best of our ability is crucial for us, and we are aware of the care that needs to be taken at each step.

When we understood the idea and gave it an initial shape by proposing different possibilities, we find in your first feedback the way to get even closer to your expectations, and thus create a suitable format modeled on your requirements.

When this first draft is approved, we will move on to focus on the actual implementation and organization phase.

The end result is the interpretation of a script with a healthy dash of improvisation to make the show unforgettable ;-)


Mani in pasta

Impara a cucinare i piatti tradizionali

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